kao terada 2009

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___ cv

   kao TERADA/c


born in Shizuoka, japan
 1998 graduated Musashino Art University,oil painting course
award graduation works of Musashino art Univ.
 1999/2000 studied for one year at Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts Paris
as a Exchange student (atelier Bernard Piffaretti)
 2001 graduated master course of Musashino art Univ.

 1998 group exhibition/Musashino Art Univ. X Dusseldolf Kunst Academy /Tokyo
 1999 group exhibition/Musashino Art Univ. X Dusseldolf Kunst Academy /Dusseldolf
 2000 solo exhibition/gallerie gauche(a l'ecole de beaux-arts paris)
 2002 solo exhibition/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
 2003 group exhibition/tokyo wondersite "size0"exhibition/tokyo
scholarship/18th Holbein Scholarship
group exhibition/little works/gallery Natsuka/tokyo
group exhibition/message2003/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
 2004 solo exhibition/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
group exhibition/message2004/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
 2005 group exhibition/open atelier/mirai-kobo/tokyo
group exhibition/message2005/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
award/paris award of Musashino Art University/tokyo
 2006 solo exhibition/"focusing on a new generation in Tokyo2006"/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
group exhibition/little works/gallery Natsuka/tokyo
2006.9-2007.8 resident of Cite Internationale des Art Paris
 2007 07.9-08.01 stay and work in berlin
 2008 solo exhibition"I, receiver"/BrunnenStrasse 29/Berlin
group exhibition/message2008/gallery Kobayashi/tokyo
live and work in tokyo